alt textThis testing process was invented in 1985 by Sir Alec Jeffreys at Leicester University. He used the term DNA fingerprinting to refer to this process because DNA is unique in every individual.

DNA profiles are totally unique      DNA can be found anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions about DNA Testing


What is DNA?


What does the test involve?


Does taking the sample hurt?


What is the rate of accuracy?

Sir Alec Jeffreys at Leicester University

H e used the term DNA fingerprinting to refer to this process because DNA is unique in every individual, much in the same way as fingerprints. His earlier work was refined by developing DNA profiling techniques, which was based on highly variable areas of a DNA molecule. So, now DNA testing does not involve the testing of the whole gene or DNA but only a small part of it. This has made the system more sensitive, easy to use and susceptible to computers. Now, with all the advanced technologies and methods, it has become very easy to process hundreds of DNA samples in a day in every lab.

DNA is the basic genetic material in our bodies. The transfer of genetic traits from the parents to the offspring is done by the DNA not only in humans but even in plants and animals. The DNA forms a unique sequence by the arrangement of the various molecules inside it. The fingerprints of a person are totally different from one another. This is also the case with DNA. No two DNA of two different people are exactly alike. The DNA profiles that are formed after DNA testing are the clear indicator of this fact. Only identical twins in some cases have the most similar DNA. Otherwise matching is done only by taking out the average percentage of the similarities.

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