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We are a Canada based company that specializes in various DNA testing processes. We believe that every person has the right to have an in-depth knowledge of his/her ancestry and genetics. We strive to provide people with the means to access the person's genetic information conveniently.

DNA testing was introduced to the world about three decades ago and even after so long, its applications have only been limited to the forensic sciences. Many people either do not have any knowledge about DNA testing or have misconceptions about it. We at XYZ aim to bring this essential technology into the lives of everyone. Everybody should know about their ancestors and what makes them the way they are today.

Our policies are:

P rivacy of the customer- We take special precautions to maintain the privacy of your genetic material and make sure that it is not exploited by any means. We believe that your genetic information should be controlled only by you, so you have the option to set the privacy of the data according to your needs and comfort.

Accuracy- We believe that no work is done perfectly unless it is accurate. Our team works very hard to provide you with the best and the most accurate results. We want you to have the best and true information, and we make sure that our scientists make it happen.

Punctuality- We at XYZ are very punctual with our work. We try to provide you with your test results in the given time bracket and do not delay. Your time is very precious to us and we do not want to waste it.

Customer satisfaction- Your satisfaction and comfort are most important to us. We provide you our services until you are totally satisfied with them. We are always available to help you out with all your queries and clarifications. We know that the DNA testing can be overwhelming at times, but we would like you to know that our team is always ready to provide you any kind of support.

We use the latest technology and high-tech equipment in our labs to give you and your family members with the most accurate results. We can help you with:

Parent testing- We have all the types of maternity and paternity testing available in our labs. We want you to have a clear understanding about your parents and your origin. This is the information you should definitely have. You can visit us and discuss the different test techniques that you can opt for in order to know the truth behind your paternal ancestry and maternal ancestry.

Ancestry Finder- The world has grown enormously and so has diversity. No individual belongs to one race or one community. We are all mixed races now. But would it not be very interesting to know where your actual ancestors come from? Knowing your origin is a must for every individual and we assure that you will be thrilled to know yours. This information is confidential to you and is not used by the company to promote any gender-based discriminatory practices.

We at XYZ also believe in educating people about the benefits of their DNA testing and knowing about their ancestors. For this purpose, we hold various seminars in different places including our company complex. Our team of trained professionals is always ready to listen to all your queries and give you the best guidance. We even have our blogs where we keep discussing the new things and researchers that come up in the field of DNA testing. You can also check that out. You can also follow us on social media and see what our customers are talking about. Some of our humble customers are kind enough to share their stories with you.

Live happy and stay healthy.