A New DNA Test Can Tell You Your Risk Of Having Diseases Like Cancer

DNA Test: The Science Behind It And How It Can Help You
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It has been a quest for all human kind to find a way to predict and cure some diseases like high cholesterol, colon and breast cancer. There is a new product out in the market that claims can do that for you. Read on to find out all you need to know about this revolutionary invention.

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Have You Heard Of Helix?

For starters, the company that invented this revolutionary method and product is called Helix and yes, you guessed it: it´s a startup. To make a stellar debut they offer this kind of avant-garde product and claim it is better than competition (23andMe) because it is more convenient, responsible and comprehensive.

What´s The Market Price Of Helix?

The market price of Helix product is going to be $260 for online purchases, which is a little on the high side compared to the $90 that the flagship product of 23andMe costs in the regular market. The big difference is that it needs to be approved by a physician in order to use it.

Helix + PerkinElmer

To develop this DNA test, Helix joined forces with PerkinElmer, a huge company with more than eleven thousand employees and operations in 150 countries. It has been around for almost a century, since it was founded in 1937 and is currently a S&P 500 company with its headquarters at Massachusetts, USA.

The Test

According to many experts, the test that Helix and PerkinElmer put together is more comprehensive than many others in the market. According to Madhuri Hedge (chief scientific officer of PerkinElmer’s genomics division) in a dialog with Business Insider, the test that they designed is gives out more information than any other in the market right now. He explained exactly how instead of giving just a glimpse at the DNA of a person, this new test gives more complete and comprehensive information.


Although most experts agree that the reading of the test is as important as the test itself, the fact that this version gives out more information that all its predecessors is good news. Helix together with PerkinElmer have created a tool that can detect diseases that, when treated in the right timing, can be stopped, cured and people who had them can continue to live a normal life. Any achievement made in the direction of healing people is welcome for human kind.

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