Some Interesting Facts About DNA Testing

Techniques Involved In DNA Testing
Controversies In DNA Profiling

D NA Testing is one of the most significant inventions of our time. DNA testing is basically the process of analyzing the DNA of two individuals to determine a relationship between them, or to find a person’s ancestors. DNA testing is being conducted by most of the labs in the world and is considered the most accurate technique to date. A sample of DNA is taken and is tested under special conditions to form a detailed analysis. This analysis is then compared to the analysis of the other sample and on the basis of the matching traits, a conclusion is made. Some really interesting facts about the DNA testing are:

Hence in every small part of the body or any body fluid contains DNA. In crime scenes where there are no fingerprints and no obvious proof, forensic scientists look out for things like a small piece of skin, a strand of hair, some drops of blood or any other bodily fluid. These are considered as DNA samples

Myths Involved With DNA Testing

alt textThis technique has been used so much that there are a number of myths that surround it. Some of the myths involved with DNA testing:

DNA testing is too expensive- There is a prevalent misconception that DNA testing is expensive. In fact with the advancements in technology, DNA testing is becoming more and more cost-effective.

DNA testing is painful- People have a huge misconception that the DNA test is very painful and complicated. This is not at all true, in fact, the DNA test is a very simple test for any person to undertake. It's as easy and has the same amount of pain as any other blood test you would take. The samples are either taken in the form of a blood sample or a person’s cheek is swabbed to take out a few cell samples. It does not even take 30 seconds for the sample to be taken and then it’s over.

The test is not accurate- There is a huge debate on the topic whether the DNA tests are reliable or not. The DNA test gives the most effective and the most accurate results of all the other tests. This is just a myth. Scientists all over the world have worked very hard to make the process extremely accurate.

DNA Test Of An Unborn Child

alt textThis might sound a little unbelievable but the DNA of an unborn child can easily be checked. The process is actually very important during the pregnancy to get to know about any potential risk of a fatal genetic disease the child nay have.

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